Shaklee Sciences: Understanding Cellular Aging

[Shaklee Sciences, July 14, 2017]

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Understanding cellular aging 

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We all want to look and feel great for as long as possible. But if you have ever been to a school reunion, you might have noticed something interesting: Some of your classmates look older than others. Why is there such a difference in the rate at which people age? Scientists have discovered that it all starts inside our cells.

For most of us, aging means loss of muscle strength, bone density, lung capacity, and memory, and our risk for conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and cancer all increase. When you graph the incidence of disease versus age, you notice something rather striking: Many chronic disease conditions are rare when we are young, but their incidence begins to increase around age 50. To scientists who study aging, this upsurge around age 50 suggests that there might be a common reason underlying the onset of some of the age-related diseases, and that may be cellular aging.

When we are born, we start out with a large population of healthy cells; then, ultraviolet radiation, environmental toxins, stress, and poor diet do damage to our cells. The more our cells are exposed, the more damage accumulates. It is this accumulated damage that eventually crosses a threshold that may lead to recognizable disease.

Nutrition for your cells

What you really want to do is help your cells protect and repair themselves throughout life to help delay the onset of disease and better control the risks. One key to understanding cellular defense is knowing that cells require certain nutrients in the right amounts to be able to function normally to protect and repair themselves.     Read more…

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New! Coming in August…

Source: New! Coming in August…

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New! Coming in August…

HUGE announcement from Womanwize:

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We are looking for 8 people to try the new line and host an event in August –and for those who want to  “Be among the first in North America!”  #LYL

Contact me for details and watch for more updates.  These amazing gifts to healthy, glowing beautiful skin will knock your socks – (and your wrinkles) off!  #StayBeautiful


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Tummy Troubles? Relief is on the way Health Chat Tonight! June 28 9 ET

Plagued with stomach upset and digestive issues?  You’re not alone!  Join us tonight to find out how natural and safe strategies have helped so many.  Message me for dial-in details.  #MakeYourStomachHappy  #ShakleeEffectHealthChatStomach

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Why Supplement?

Do you know WHY nutritional supplementation …foods-breast-cancer-prevention-01-pg-full is so important today?May2017ThemeSocialENG

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Men’s Health Chat Wed. June 14 (Tonight!)

Do it for yourself and everyone that loves you!

Learn the surprisingly simple ways good habits and good nutrition can help you live the  great life.  Leave a comment or message me to request call-in details!

Mens HealthChatWedJun14.png

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Ready to Miss Out on Summer Fun?

Who’s ready to miss out on that first morning jog on the beach, June2017DYOSocENGor diving into a sparkling lake, –or just running around with the kids at the amusement park? –Not YOU!   Not me!  Click the link, and let’s get fit for summer !

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Grab-and-Go Sunday Night Food Prep #Weight loss Secrets

Getting your summer body on?-don’t self-sabotage your weight loss goals!

Quality Life expert Laura Evans shares her secret for staying ahead of the game with these timely tips: Sunday night food prepgarden veggies!

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Health Chat : Tonight’s focus: Women’s Health

Remember that old adage, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” ?

Seriously, you run around all day taking care of others –which can be fun, don’t get me wrong, –but when you become a stressed-out mess, maybe it’s time to take care of yourself too.  Join us tonight for great tips on how to stay on top of it all – and feel great too.  After all, you’re worth it!  CALL IN: 302-202-1110 PIN – 343774

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Breast Cancer -the diagnosis no woman wants to hear

Breast Cancer – the diagnosis no woman wants to hear. BreastCancerChaneyWebinarLearn from cancer researcher

Dr. Stephen Chaney how you can lower your risk for this and other cancers. Dr Chaney is a renowned cancer researcher and professor emeritus of BioChemistry and Nutrition at the University of North Carolina Medical School. FREE! Thursday night, May 18, 2017, 9 PM/ET, 8 PM/CT  – register here – Prevention of Breast Cancer ! PM me for registration link!

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