New! Coming in August…

HUGE announcement from Womanwize:

“When Shaklee came out with Enfuselle years ago, the results people got were (and still are!) stunning. EnfuselleKarenShaklee said that in time, they would exceed Enfuselle. In August we will learn what 8 years of research has done to go beyond the anti-aging ability of Enfuselle. Here is my before and almost 20 years after Enfuselle…..Looking forward to the new skin care line in August!  Be the first in North America! #LYL”

We are looking for 8 people to try the new line and host an event in August –and for those who want to  “Be among the first in North America!”  #LYL

Contact me for details and watch for more updates.  These amazing gifts to healthy, glowing beautiful skin will knock your socks – (and your wrinkles) off!  #StayBeautiful


About Marsha Ann Brown

I love the spirit of enterprise and use smart health solutions and online marketing strategies to empower leaders and inspire lasting success.
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