Stunning Success – Rio 2016!

So proud of our athletes at the Summer Olympics!  Take Ismael Uscanga for example:

“Every little thing is important in high-level competitions, especially in my sport, Modern Pentathlon with five different events. Proper nutrition keeps my body going strong, and I was so thankful for the burst of strength I felt in the final 400 meters of my competition, where I surged to win the bronze medal.PurePerfIsmaelUscangaRio2016-SPA

I love the Life Strips and Life Shakes because I completely trust the labels — I know what’s included in the products so I never worry about impurities or drug testing.”  Ismael Marcelo Hernández Uscanga, #ShakleeAthlete 

And then there’s the Women’s 8 Rowing Team (Gold): 



CONGRATULATIONS Amanda Elmore, Amanda Polk, Eleanor Logan, Emily Regan, Katelin Snyder, Kerry Simmonds, Lauren Schmetterling, and Meghan Musnicki!


…just to name a few!


Pure Performance Elite Olympians powered by Shaklee since 1980.

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