5-Day Mini-Reset Begins November 9!


You’re craving a fresh start, right? You want to cleanse out toxins, shed some weight and enjoy the energy you used to have –but getting started seems so hard! Click here to join us for a 5 Day Mini Reset! The 180 Turnaround “Make It Stick” event starts Monday, November 9 and ends Friday, November 13 at 6:00 p.m. Invite your friends and support one other! Together we can do this! [Details below.]

The 5 Day Mini Reset Plan consists of 3 delicious smoothees (See? It’s easy –No cooking!), detox tea in the morning, lots of fresh, cool fruits and veggies, a daily Vitalizer strip to feed your cells, and Shaklee’s signature Herb-lax to gently cleanse out toxins. When you order your kit, you’ll receive Shaklee 180 Smoothee™ recipes, trackers, and tips, plus one-to-one coaching, encouragement and fun challenges to help you reach your goal. [What if your pkg. doesn’t arrive by the 9th? No worries. Join us on-line, receive helpful tips, and when your kit arrives, start with your own DAY 1. — the program is designed to be flexible and extends according to your individual needs and goals.

There are two packages to choose from. Each package is designed to help you:

Kick start your Shaklee 180 Turnaround™
Break through a weight loss plateau
Effective way to break carb & sugar addictions
Get energized
Get the toxins out
Shed some weight
Build lean muscle
Burn fat

Mini 5 Day Reset Package #1

Vitalizer* (Your choice – Gold, Men’s or Women’s) – 30 Day supply. Provides 80 essential nutrients, anti-oxidants, and a probiotic

1 Box Shaklee Energizing Tea (Green or Pomegranate) – Boost metabolism, boost your energy, assist in detox. 30 day supply.

1 Herb-lax – 60 ct – Gently cleanse colon

1 can Shaklee 180 Smoothee™ mix- 15 meals. Vanilla recommended. You’ll be making all kinds of smoothees with this.

Mini 5 Day Reset Package #2

Shaklee Lean & Healthy Kit ( Get your Shaklee membership free!). Includes Your choice of Vitalizer and your choice of 2 cans Shaklee 180 Smoothee™ mix. You’ll have extra smoothee mix left over.

1 Box Shaklee Energizing Tea (Green or Pomegranate) – Boost metabolism, boost your energy, assist in detox

1 Herb-lax – 60 ct – Gently cleanse colon

1 Box Shaklee 180™ Snack Bars OR Shaklee 180™ Snack Crisps

FREE Shaklee 180 Tracker and recipes


Add Shaklee EZ-GEST to either package if your diet consists of processed foods, convenience foods, artificial sweeteners, or you dine out frequently.

* Purchase of a Vitalizer or Shaklee 180™ Lean and Healthy Kit includes a free Shaklee membership. Other special offers may apply. Save an extra 10% on Vitalizer in Package #1 by putting the Vitalizer on Autoship. Order your Shaklee 180 Mini-Reset products here Not sure which is the right package for you? I’m here to help!  Email : marsha@Get-Vitalized.com or call 757-685-2314.

About Marsha Ann Brown

I love the spirit of enterprise and use smart health solutions and online marketing strategies to empower leaders and inspire lasting success.
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