I Love the Passion of Enterprise

I love the “Susie’s Lemonade Stand” commercial which epitomizes the free market system and the entrepreneurial spirit: Such are the go-getters who jump out of bed in the morning, irrepressibly optimistic and glad to be alive. They consider every day as an opportunity and that life is a privilege to be lived fully, along with its challenges. They find a way to make lemonade out of lemons, build lemonade stands on every block in the neighborhood, and then franchise the stands in new, developing markets!

Wasn’t the Master’s judgment (See Matthew 25:14-31) most severe on the “unprofitable servant”, (the one who buried his talent instead of going out there and knocking ’em dead like the other two industrious leaders who turned a profit); admonishing him that he should have at least “put it to the lenders.”

This tells me that I can’t just cower in the shadows, biting my nails and and doing nothing, esp. in this economy; I’ve got to get up and galvanize activity i.e. do something to help keep the wheels of industry turning and the hope of recovery burning bright. Why fall off the fiscal cliff if you don’t have to? I say, Let’s do this! Let’s set out minds to it, invest our talents and produce, produce, produce!

As a teacher I always stand in wonder at that golden moment when the light bulb of inspiration and imagination goes on in the mind of a young person, I want to continue to trigger and unleash the boundless hope for the future the next generation deserves. I want to help ensure that we pass on not empty promises, but a robusteconomy that is our legacy for future generations,

The passion of enterprise is one important means of doing just that –driven and preserving, it pushes the limits and breaking out into the abundantly free lives we are all meant to enjoy.

About Marsha Ann Brown

I love the spirit of enterprise and use smart health solutions and online marketing strategies to empower leaders and inspire lasting success.
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