Positivity: Look Out World, I’m Comin’ Through!

From Naturally Blog, May 2019. Ten Body-Positive Mantras to Say In the Mirror.

“As babies, we’re captivated by our bodies—we can spend hours rolling around just checking out every part of our bodies. And as children, we confidently attempt cartwheels and break out into impromptu dance parties—more concerned with having fun and being included than thinking about how we look while doing it. But somehow from adolescence to adulthood, instead of rejoicing in how strong our bodies are and the gifts of health we may enjoy, we start doubting that confidence we gained as children and start worrying about how we look.

“Instead of focusing on what our bodies can do, we focus on what our bodies can’t do or how we don’t look. In the process, we start this negative inner dialogue that may limit our self-confidence and hold us back from reaching our potential and ultimately, living our best lives. We lose sight of everything we’re capable of and how incredible the human body really is, imperfections and all. And in turn, we make it even harder to make positive changes.

“Let’s be real. All bodies are amazing and there is no wrong way to have a body. Saying positive affirmations to yourself can help transform your thoughts and feelings about your body (about anything, really) and you actually start to believe what you are saying. These affirmations should be bold and powerful to help you change the direction of your own thoughts. Here are 10 body-positive affirmations to help you learn to love the skin you’re in.”

  1. I am beautiful.
  2. I am a person of great value.
  3. I am worth more than my appearance.
  4. I can accomplish all the great things I set my mind to.
  5. I am grateful for life and everything my body allows me to do.
  6. I will replace negative thoughts with positive action.
  7. I love the person staring back at me in the mirror.
  8. I will not compare myself to anyone else.
  9. I will treat my body with love and respect.
  10. My body is my home and I will build it up, not tear it down.

“Now go forth and love your beautiful self!”

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Powerful Women: Powerful Nutrition

You could try to eat all this in one day….


… you can try Vitalizer .

  • Every vitamin + minerals your body needs.
  • Bio-optimized nutrients for optimum absorption;
  • High potency to fuel your body’s most vital functions;
  • 100% or more of the Daily Value of all vitamins
  • All eight essential B vitamins, including biotin;
  • High levels of vitamin D3, the most bioavailable form of Vitamin D.
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Hello Happy Healthy Weightloss

Celebrate summer while you can! Limited edition Summer Peach Life Shake

*Leucine is an essential amino acid used in the biosynthesis of proteins and is the key ingredient in Life Shake, the foundation of the Shaklee 180 healthy weight program. Leucine helps you keep lean muscle while you burn fat and lose inches.

Hello happy, healthy weightloss!

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6 Tips for Newbie Runners

From Naturally blog. May 2019

Running is a great way to get fit, let off some steam, and even make new friends, though it can be daunting to get started and tough to keep it interesting. If you aren’t paying attention to your body, setting attainable goals, and keeping your routine fresh, then running can become a chore. Here are a few ways to set yourself up for success, whether you’re just getting into running or looking to revive your motivation.

  1. Choose a realistic training goal. If your goal is to run 5 miles, but you’re new to running, then don’t go out and try to run 5 miles on your first day. Instead, work your way up to 5. Start by running 1 or 2 miles and gradually increase your mileage over a few weeks or months until you reach your goal of 5 miles. Then set a new goal! Pro tip: When starting out, if running is too much, then run and walk for the first few workouts.
  2. Join a run club or recruit a running buddy. Oftentimes running with a partner or a group makes you more aware of how you are running because you are likely to check your form after looking around at the other runners. Running with a group can also help keep you on pace since you’re focused on staying with the group or keeping up with your partner.
  3. Stay hydrated. If you’re looking for a general rule of thumb for fluid consumption during a run, you should take in 4 to 6 ounces of fluid every 20 minutes you spend running. If you’re doing a long run or race (more than 8 to 10 miles), it’s also important to make sure you stay well-hydrated over the few days leading up to your long run. You can re-hydrate post-run with a sports performance drink like Shaklee’s Performance Low-Calorie Electrolyte Drink, which replenishes electrolytes lost during physical activity and hydrates better than water.
  4. Keep your playlist fresh. One sure fire way to improve your pace and make your runs more fun is to update your running playlist often. Either create your own playlist filled with your favorite upbeat tunes or download a running playlist from your music provider.
  5. Cross-train. It’s important to strengthen your core, your arms, and other parts of your body to help support you as you run. Set aside two days a week to incorporate a strength workout, and you’ll soon notice your running will improve.
  6. Take time to recover. It’s important with any workout regimen to listen to your body and take the time to recover. A good rule of thumb is to have one rest day each week. If you’re running four days a week and cross-training two, then take the last day to rest. Pro tip: Resting doesn’t need to be just laying on your couch watching Netflix (but that’s also a viable option!) – it can be an active rest day when you take a walk, or do some yoga or stretching. You can also use Shaklee Performance PM Recovery Complex, which reduces muscle soreness and optimizes recovery.

Now take these tips and go out there and get that runner’s high!

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3 Ways MindWorks Impacts Your Brain

3 ways MindWorks impacts your brain

Naturally Blog, March 2019. Neural connections in our brains start declining as early as age 20, and by age 45 this decline occurs even more rapidly. Studies show the key ingredients in MindWorks® improve short-term mental sharpness and support long-term cognitive health.*

Powered by an Exclusive Chardonnay Seed Extract and Carefully Selected Guarana

Available only to Shaklee, MindWorks contains a unique chardonnay grape seed polyphenol blend created using a patent-pending water extraction process that results in a 30x concentrate of specific polyphenols.** These polyphenols have been shown in clinical studies to be more bioavailable and impact healthy blood vessel function. This extract is designed to help make vital nutrients available to the brain by supporting healthy circulation.*

Our carefully selected guarana extract has been extensively tested—guarana has long been used traditionally by Amazonian Indian tribes for its help in improving cognitive performance. And one serving of MindWorks contains less caffeine than a medium cup of decaf coffee.

Scientific studies have shown the key ingredients in MindWorks work in 3 ways:




Learn more about MindWorks from Shaklee.

**Percentage by weight of monomeric flavanols compared to a fresh grape seed. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Four Essential Nutrients Your Diet May Be Missing

Your body is a living, breathing machine with thousands of systems that must operate simultaneously and perfectly in tune to function properly, so it is important that it be well-nourished in order to keep up with your everyday activities. Making the effort to “eat healthy” is an important step towards living a longer, happier life. In recent years, thanks to nutritional science and the internet, —it’s been a lot easier for people with busy lifestyles to educate themselves on the value of clean eating and to put their knowledge into practice.

Once you get into the habit of eating healthy, it becomes a lot easier to grocery shop and to make better choices when eating out. It becomes second nature, of sorts, but what many people don’t know is that often times these so-called “healthy” diets are missing essential nutrients that the body needs. These nutrients are compounds that your body can’t create, thus, it needs to absorb them from food or vitamin supplements. Check out the list below of four essential nutrients that you may be missing in your diet and -good news –how to get them!

  • Calcium 
    With the rise of dairy-free diets, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to get enough calcium into their bodies. As we all know, calcium helps build and maintain strong bones, but it also helps keep the cardiovascular, muscular, and nervous systems healthy. Calcium is incredibly important for our well-being and to reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life. So, where can you get calcium on a dairy-free diet? Calcium is also found in nuts, seeds, leafy greens, oysters, and peas. There are also great non-dairy milk substitutes such as almond milk. Eating on the go? Those with busy lifestyles including the demands of family and work should try some easy-to-make plant protein shakes that are perfect—and nutritious—for those on-the-go mornings.
  • Vitamin D 
    Similar to calcium, Vitamin D contributes to overall bone health as well as helps the keep the muscular and nervous systems in top shape. As many of us know, exposure to sunlight produces Vitamin D, but what many people don’t know is that wearing sunscreen—which you should ALWAYS do by the way because it protects your skin against harmful UV rays—actually blocks this production of Vitamin D in the body. While there are a handful of foods that contain Vitamin D—such as cheese, egg yolks and salmon—there aren’t many options for those on special vegetarian or dairy-free diets. Also, the amount of food you have to eat to meet your daily requirement is hard. Instead, adding a complete multivitamin like Vitalizer into your diet may be the best way to ensure you’re getting the right amount of this essential nutrient.
  • Vitamin E 
    Vitamin E is an antioxidant that contributes to a longer cell life in the body.  It is an essential nutrient and is particularly important for those who are exposed to environmental or toxic pollution on a daily basis. Vitamin E can be found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and green leafy vegetables. Consider taking a supplement as well. Outside of your diet, there are skincare products—such as lotions—that are fortified with vitamin E to moisturize skin and enhance the cell regeneration process.
  • Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)
    Folic acid—also known as vitamin B9—aids in red blood cell production. Everyone needs folic acid. Getting enough folic acid is even more important for women as a prenatal/postnatal vitamin to reduce the risk of birth defects. Though folic acid can be found in foods such as green peas, lentils, and chickpeas, many nutritional experts recommend taking a women’s formula vitamin in order to ensure that you’re getting the proper amount of essential nutrients during pregnancy.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle and ensuring your body is getting the nutrients it needs are important steps towards living a long and happy life. We’re all human, with an amazing body that miraculously keeps us going daily, so it’s important to love and nourish it.
Naturally Blog, March 2019

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Thomas’ Inspiring 180 Transformation

Thomas shares the results of his inspiring transformation. He only set out to be healthier, but he lost 83 lbs! and an incredible drop in A1C that amazed his doctors!

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5 New Years Resolutions

From Naturally Blog – 5 New Years Resolutions with Shaklee Solutions

The new year has arrived with new resolutions, some more familiar than others. Whether you want to get into shape, eat healthier, or just change things up a bit, Shaklee has a few solutions for some of the most common resolutions.

“I will get into shape this year.”
This is the one time of the year that we see a surge of new gym memberships because, after some holiday indulgence, people start thinking about dropping some pounds or getting into shape. For those serious about their weight loss goals, Shaklee has the products and the tools to help you get there. The Shaklee 180® Program can help you burn fat and retain lean muscle. And if you need more motivation, take the Shaklee 180® Healthy Weight Challenge

“I want to take better care of my skin.”
Your skin deserves some TLC, and this is the year to start taking your skincare seriously. Maybe you want to get rid of a few lines and wrinkles, get some extra hydration, or you want to protect your skin by using a daily SPF. The YOUTH® Skin Care linehas a variety of products to get your skin care regimen going and get your skin glowing.

“I’m going to eat healthier.”
Make this the year of clean eating and cooking nutritious meals. While it can take some time to change up your diet, you can help fill any nutritional gaps in your diet with a multi-vitamin. Vitalizer. Daily supplements can provide a full spectrum of clinically supported vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, and more.

“It’s time to give my home a makeover.”
Who says you have to wait until spring to clean and freshen up your living space? Whether you are tackling big renovation projects or just trying to clean house, make life a little easier with Get Clean®, our greener and healthier home cleaning line. Get Clean® products are tough on dirt but don’t use harmful chemicals found in conventional cleaners. Plus, our concentrated formulas mean less bottle waste, more use, and more savings.

“I’m putting my family and friends first.”
It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, we always want to make more time for the people in our lives who we care about. One of the biggest rewards of the Shaklee Opportunity is being able to spend your time how you want to. Design your own Shaklee Business to fit your life so you can take the time you need for the ones you love.

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Not Your Grandmother’s Apple

Modern technology and farming methods have changed radically over the last 50 years and for this and many other contributing factors, there has been an up to 38% decline in the nutrient content of crops. That’s why supplementing our diet is necessary.

While vitamins are essential to life, most are not produced naturally in the body. Consequently, a recent study determined 90% of Americans are lacking key nutrients in their diets; moreover, common factors such as stress and aging can increase the body’s need for essential vitamins and minerals. With our busy lifestyles we know that making healthy choices of nutrient rich foods is necessary, but it’s also virtually impossible to get the daily required amount for optimum health.

If you don’t mind spending most of the hours of your day shopping for groceries, hauling them home by the bushel, then chopping, blending, paring or otherwise preparing them, that’s great too! But on the other hand, there’s a mighty handy way to get your veggies. Here’s how you can fit a market in your pocket: Vitalizer is supplementation made simple. Learn more.

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New Healthy Weight Challenge! -Start YOUR Turnaround Today

Begin Your Journey to a Leaner, Healthier You with Shaklee 180®. The clinically proven Shaklee 180® Program has helped people all over the world lose more than 2 million pounds and over 1 million inches and counting!** Powered by Leucine®, our clinically proven products help you keep the muscle you have, burn the fat you don’t need, and lose the inches you don’t want. Real science with real results. Make YOUR 180 Turnaround!

HEALTHY WEIGHT HAS ITS REWARDS: Share your results and your story for a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas! Start our new Healthy Weight Challenge today!** Order your Turnaround Kit and SAVE 20% on future Shaklee 180 purchases during the challenge.†

To be eligible to WIN a monthly $500 Shaklee gift certificate and amazing Las Vegas trip, share your story and your progress.  

  • Share your healthy weight progress-to-date and how it’s changing your life on the Shaklee Corporate Facebook page by commenting on our Shaklee 180 posts.
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