Happy New Year! Will You Allow Self-Care in 2018?

Happy New Year!  How will you love the life you live in 2018?

New year party

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A Brand New You This New Year

Take heart my friends, -your New Year’s Resolution of losing weight and feeling great again is well within reach.  But of course, there’s definitely a key to success:  healthy lifestyle is everything.

Here’s a fresh approach to taking back control of our lives, building health to a new level and managing weight like a boss!  —   Instead of starting with a diet plan {groan}, how about starting your new life by adding a good walk to the daily routine?  Your heart will hum, cheeks glow, and before you know it, you’re shedding the extra pounds and actually enjoying it!  Next, remember to drink plenty of water and add some fresh, raw fruits and veggies to your daily menus, and now  – can you see it? –you’re on a roll! Continue reading

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Dear Diet, It’s Over!!!

Why diets fail. —HDear Diet Its Overear from Dr Jamie McManus on why we struggle to lose weight and then regain it again (and what makes Shaklee different). Dear Diet Its OverMy friend Laura Evans recorded this recently and  I knew you’d love it too.   [Click on the link below to join us in the zoom room:  ]

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Is My Liver Mad at Me?

In a very timely article Longevity  Box  brings to our attention the fact that some very important keys to overall good health lie in caring for this vital organ!  human-liver-and-stomach-10088032The article suggests that symptoms like unexplained weight gain; fogginess and headaches, chronic fatigue, irritability and angry outbursts can be linked to toxic overload and may mean your liver is sending out SOS signals for relief!   It’s begging us “Puh-leeze pay attention ’cause I’m totally stressing here! ” Continue reading

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The Benefits of Healthy Weight

Keep in mind, it’s not about just changing your appearance – it’s about building your health! “Studies have shown health benefits start to occur at about a 5 percent reduction of initial body weight.1 For someone starting at 200 pounds, that means benefits could be seen with losing just 10 pounds!”  Make your decision today to get fit and fab for the holidays.   Learn more Continue reading

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Amazing Results

What truly amazing results after using YOUTH skin care for 40 days!     Isn’t  Chantha beautiful?  I know, I know -sure, she was beautiful before, but look at her glow now!

P.S. You may be thinking that the luminous radiance in the “after” picture is somehow just the result of being photographed in different lighting?  I used to think that too! Now however, through my own experience, I can assure anyone this is the result of the powerful, regenerative properties of the wonderful, safe and natural botanicals carefully combined into YOUTH activating treatments.  You’re welcome.  [Try it here, -I know you’ll like it!]


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Don’t Wait Until January 1 to Start Feeling Great!

Healthy lifestyle is a series of small daily steps.  Don’t wait until January 1st to start feeling great!.  Had to share Ampliefied’s December calendar with you to cheer you on to success in achieving your health goals.   #BuildingHealthOneDayAtATime


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Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good LIFE! The happy, healthy holidays are here!


THIS YEAR enjoy the holidays in good health with these pure, organic, luxuriously fine gifts ideal for woman-dresseveryone on your list:  moms, dads, kids, teens and grandparents too; athletes and wannabees, skinny and well, not-so much– – SportsPromoSocENGeveryone in the family! 59866_BBCreamKit

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good LIFE !  #LiveYoungerLonger   #HappyHealthyHolidays

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Look Younger Naturally with the Power of Botanicals

You don’t have to paint your pretty face ApplyMakeUpBy BirdOnARockor plug your pores with chemical overloads of SPF and yucky makeup anymore!

Get that radiant, natural glow through the power of botanicals.  100% vegan YOUTH BB Activating Cream provides your skin with natural antioxidant nutrients and essential vitamins that help block skin-damaging free radicals and encourage healthy skin growth.  Click here to watch professional make-up artist, Christian give tips for customizing a perfect shade for Marcie’s pink undertones.  Love your look and your healthy skin!  #LiveYoungerLonger  #LookYoungerLonger


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Long term diabetes study reveals superior outcomes for Shaklee supplement users

Dynamic presentation highlights the superior benefits/outcomes obtained by long-term Shaklee supplement users. [Photo credit:  Bob Ferguson, (Facebook) Ferguson Shaklee Sharing]BadHealthOutcomes


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